Holiday Decor Ideas

Holiday Decor Ideas to Make Your Home Cozy & Festive

Holiday Decor Ideas to Make Your Home Cozy & Festive

We can only hope that you’ve started decorating your home for the holidays by now, but if you’re feeling like you need a little more umph in your decor, we’ve got the perfect things for you. Try these holiday decor ideas for every style to make your home truly cozy and festive for the most wonderful time of the year!

Neutral Holiday Decor Ideas

Having neutral tones inside your home for the holidays has become extremely popular, and it’s a no-brainer why. Creamy tans, shimmering whites, and deep greens are truly the natural colors of the holiday season, and bringing that into your home makes for an elegant, yet inviting ambiance. Check out these ideas for decorating your home with neutral colors during the holiday season. 

Neutral Holiday Decor Ideas 

Birch Logs

Birch logs are extremely light pieces of wood that look very Christmas-y and go with neutral tones extremely well. Place them in your fireplace, in a basket around your fireplace, or stacked beside or on the hearth. 

Knit Stockings

Knit stockings also add to the ambiance of your neutral Christmas style. You can get mis-matched stocking styles of the same color to add to the homemade feel.


If you have a mantle, a staircase, railings, tables, or columns, you can and should have garland! Garland is one of those items that truly adds to the holiday feel inside your home as it’s a staple of the holiday season. Lay it across the table runner on your dining room table, or lay it in front of a mirror on your entryway table. Of course, you can always lay it on the mantle as well, or wrap it around your staircase railings. 

Colorful Holiday Decor Ideas

If you love colorful holiday decor, you’re not alone! While neutral tones bring a sense of elegance in your home, many people love a more whimsical and fun feel for the holidays. So, bring in some color with these holiday decor ideas.

Colorful Holiday Decor Ideas

Colorful Garland

Skip the traditional garland, and go with a colorful garland you can hang on your walls or along your mantle. There are many different types of colorful garland available including felt, tassel, ornament, candied, and floral garland.

Bottle Brush Trees

Bottle brush trees are all the rage right now, and have been for a couple years now. The simplicity of these trees inherently make them stand out, adding the perfect little touch to your Christmas decor. They come in all different colors, so if you want colorful decor, feel free to mix and match.

Colorful Stockings

There are tons of different stocking styles you can have if you’re going for the colorful holiday home decor style. Get stockings with patterns, pictures, textures, words and phrases, or even plain and multi-colored! If you want a contrast against the rest of your colorful decor, get white or cream stockings and put initials on the front in different colors.

Outdoor Holiday Decor Ideas

You can’t only decorate the inside of your home for Christmas! Foreshadow what your guests can expect inside your home by decorating the outside as well with these holiday decor ideas.

Outdoor Holiday Decor Ideas 

Door Mat

Welcome guests into your winter wonderland with a gorgeous Christmas door mat. You can get one with a holiday saying or slogan, lyrics to a christmas song, or a simple ‘Merry Christmas’ or ‘welcome.’ If you want to make your doormat pop, get a rug to go underneath that’s colorful or holiday-themed.

Garland & Wreaths

Again, don’t ever feel the need to hold back on garland. The more you add, the more Christmas-y your home will look and feel! Wrap garland along windows, around columns, and across the entryway. Then, add wreaths on the windows and the front door!


Do you ever drive around looking for Christmas lights to see with your friends, significant other, or the kids? Imagine if your house was one that people wanted to drive by to see all the beautiful lights! Even if you don’t go all-out with Christmas lights, it’s never a bad idea to add some to outline a bit of your home and bump up the holiday feels.

Trees or Planters

Go the extra mile by adding Christmas trees on your front porch, or adding planters with smaller trees or bushes you can decorate. You can even fill your planters with poinsettias, the traditional Christmas flower. 

Stay Warm During the Holidays

Undeniably,  the most important part of the holidays is spending time in a warm and cozy home. Don’t let a broken heating system foil your holiday plans. Contact Bunns & Bennett when you need heater repair, replacement, or even just general maintenance to ensure your home stays comfortable throughout the season.

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