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Huntsville, Alabama has 50 – 75% humidity year-round, which means the summers are muggy and the winters are bitter. Humidity impacts everything in a home, from the drywall to the flooring and air vents. It is important to have an HVAC Huntsville AL specialist check out a home’s air and heating system periodically to be sure there is no damage from the extra moisture.

More importantly, homeowners should have an HVAC Huntsville AL company come check out their heating and air conditioning systems at the first sign of trouble. When these systems are not working properly, it can cause the energy and power bills to skyrocket. Before you are hit with a huge gas bill from a broken heater, call a professional.

Signs Your System Isn’t Okay

Not all heating and air problems are the same. However, most problems have similar symptoms. The first and most obvious sign an air conditioner or furnace isn’t working is if the air temperature in the home suddenly changes. If everyone inside is freezing even though the heater is running nonstop, it is time to call a professional.

Unusual sounds are another sign your HVAC systems are not working properly. Sometimes an air conditioner will make a loud and deep sound before the air kicks on. Sometimes it will make a clicking or grinding noise. Any sound that is out of the ordinary warrants calling a professional.

Another sign that your heater or air conditioner may not be in proper working order is water leaks. If you notice water leaks next to the system outside or anywhere inside your home, have it checked out. Water damage can be costly, especially if water gets inside the walls or flooring of a home. Paying for a HVAC Huntsville AL specialist to survey damage is much cheaper than paying for new drywall or flooring later.

Regular Maintenance Visits

Having your air conditioner and heater checked regularly is wise. A technician will check for leaks or problems and suggest ways you can save money. It is cheaper in the long run to pay for maintenance visits than to replace a whole system when all the small issues add up and the entire thing breaks!

Before you sweat out your summer days or freeze out your winter ones, call a HVAC specialist. Bunn’s and Bennett Heating and Air offers personalized and friendly service, sales, and installations. You don’t have to spend a fortune to keep your systems up and running.

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