Some Tips to Maintain Your Heat Pump Between Visits from Bunns & Bennett Heating Repair Service Huntsville

In a previous blog, we discussed the difference between heat pumps and furnaces. While both do a good job of heating your home, heat pumps are better suited to more moderate climates. Since they convert outdoor air to heat the inside of your home, they’re better equipped to heat homes in Western or Southern regions, like Huntsville, instead of the colder Midwest and Northern states.

Some Facts about Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are often less expensive to maintain than furnaces and result in lower heating bills. The energy-efficient heat produced by pumps isn’t as extreme as the heat from conventional furnaces. The milder heat is distributed evenly throughout the house and the pump turns on and off less frequently than an oil or gas furnace. If you choose a heat pump as your primary heating source, you’ll need a backup source, like an oil burner or electric heater, to take over if the heat pump stops working temporarily.

Maintaining your Device between Visits

Heat pumps have an outdoor device containing a coil, fan and compressor. Like an outdoor air conditioner, you’ll need to keep leaves, dirt and other debris away from the unit. Make sure the heat pump is turned off before cleaning. Unscrew the grill and clean the fan blades with a vacuum cleaner hose. In the fall, you should check the unit to make sure it’s level on the foundation. Place a carpenter’s level on the cabinet top, then check the front to back and side to side level. If it’s lopsided, pry the pad in place with a 2 by 4 and place crushedrock underneath to build it up. Inspect the pipe to ensure it’s not deteriorating. If the insulation has eroded, replace it with new insulation from a heating product supplier. Your heating repair service Huntsville can help you find the right items for your heat pump.

Troubleshooting Heat Pump  Power Interruptions

If your heat pump has stopped working for an hour or more due to a power outage in your area or a blown fuse, you shouldn’t use the unit for between six and eight hours.  Because of the interruption, lubricate in the unit’s reservoir may not circulate properly. Turning the heat pump back on too soon may damage its valves. Set the unit on emergency heat instead. You can turn the normal heat setting back on six to eight hours. If it doesn’t work then, call aheating service repair Huntsville to fix the problem.

For prompt and experienced Heating Repair Service Huntsville, call the experts at Bunn’s and Bennett Heating and Air Conditioning. We can assist you with heat pump installation, repair and maintenance. Give us a call at 256-270-2329 or use our online contact form. We serve the Huntsville/Madison metro area.

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