Common Signs That Mean You Need Heating Repair Service in Huntsville

They say that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of a cure, and we at Bunn’s and Bennett Heating and Air Conditioning couldn’t agree more. During the chilly autumn season, prevention means making sure your heater works before the weather gets too cold. After all, if you need heating repair service in Huntsville, you sure don’t want to suffer through the cold for it. Maintenance work on a heating and cooling system usually costs a lot less than a total replacement anyway.

That’s why we have an extensive fall heating maintenance checklist that we use to make sure that your heater is working in time for the winter. However, its important for you to know some of the tell-tale signs of a heating problem, and what you can do to fix them.

The main indicator of a heating problem is the easiest to identify: your heater’s not heating anything. Try to pinpoint the issue to help decide whether your heater is already broken or not.

Find out if your heater is a gas heater, and then make sure the gas is on. If the pilot light is out and staying out, then your problem may be with your gas company, not the heater itself. However if the fan is not turning on, you could have more problems with the machine, like an electric connection error or more. The problem could be as simple as a thermostat error. You should be able to find the thermostat settings on your heater to ensure that it is on a proper setting.

Perhaps your heater is working, but it is not working well enough. Old heaters and poorly maintained heaters oftens suffer this problem. Again, there could be several errors involved in this.

One of the most common problems for heating repair service in Huntsville is a clogged or dirty air filter. The air intake for any heating or cooling system should always have a clean filter, not only to ensure that the air that comes out is clean, but because that air and dirt also travels through the heater and cooler, clogging, blocking, and wearing down the entire system.

Alternatively, your ductwork could be at fault. If your heater is not very old or dirty, you may want to call an expert to diagnose this problem, since your ducts are very hard to get to – and easy to break.

To avoid all the guesswork in trying to diagnose and fix your problem, our heating repair service in Huntsville will annually check on common problems that could affect your heating system, adding years to your heater’s life and keeping it in top quality.

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