Odd Air Conditioning Noises

5 Odd Air Conditioning Noises You Should Not Ignore

5 Odd Air Conditioning Noises You Should Not Ignore

You likely hear many noises in your home throughout the day, but your HVAC system shouldn’t be the source of any of them. HVAC systems and air ducts are designed so that you should never hear them. So, if you suddenly notice a noise that wasn’t there before, it’s not normally an issue to take lightly. Before calling for help, read this helpful article to find out what noises you might hear and what they could mean.


If you notice a whistling noise coming from your air vents, it’s likely due to blocked airflow. When homeowners seldom use a room, they often close the vents to that room. When a vent is closed, that air gets forced into other areas of the home. When too much air is pushed through an air vent, whistling or roaring sounds may be heard. If you notice the sound coming from a vent that is closed, it’s because the dampers cannot block airflow entirely, causing a whistling sound as a tiny bit of air escapes through the slats. 

To solve this problem, limit the number of vents that are closed to keep the system quiet and to prevent problems from arising. If you’re trying to restrict full air flow from a particular room, leave just a little room for airflow. To learn more about the problems that can arise from closing air vents, refer to our blog: Should My Unused HVAC Vents Be Closed?

Dripping Water

If you notice the sound of dripping water coming from your air conditioner, take immediate action. Turn the system off immediately and contact an HVAC technician to inspect the unit. If there is water dripping from your air conditioning system, it could be caused by a clogged or cracked drain, and it’s possible that water could be dripping into your walls or ceiling. If the system has been leaking for more than a few hours, it is best to have the area inspected for mold and any possible long-term damaging effects. 


If you notice a rattling noise, it may be that there is something loose in your air conditioner. Check the outdoor unit for any loose debris that may be hitting the condenser fan. If you don’t see any visible debris, there could be a loose piece somewhere in the system or the compressor could be failing. If the noise is coming from inside, it could be originating from the air handler. This is likely caused by a loose screw or wobbly supply air fan. These problems should be addressed by a professional HVAC technician immediately as the problem could easily worsen.


A squeaking noise could be coming from something minor like a loose fan belt or worn bearing, or it could be the more serious sound of a dying compressor. Most often squeaking is coming from a belt or bearing which can often be replaced by one of our technicians at Bunns & Bennett. If you notice a louder screech, this is often the noise of a dying compressor, and you should turn the system off right away then contact Bunns & Bennett. 

Bubbling or Gurgling

Bubbling or gurgling noises could be signs that your comfort system is low on refrigerant. If your comfort system is low on refrigerant you will likely notice the system struggling to cool your home, on top of the noises it’s making. Leaking refrigerant is bad for the environment and could be harmful to your health as well. Be sure to call an HVAC contractor immediately to address a possible refrigerant leak and get your system back up and running again.

What Next?

If you hear a noise that is out of the ordinary, Bunns & Bennett can help find the source of the problem and fix it. If your Madison County air conditioning system is making strange noises this summer, contact us today at (256) 536-0967 or [email protected]. Our professional technicians are experts at AC repair and new installations. 

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