common summer ac problems

Common Summer AC Problems and Their Solutions

Common Summer AC Problems and Their Solutions

Living in the Tennessee Valley means living in summer heat that often surpasses 90 degrees. With high temperatures outside, keeping cool inside your home is essential. But, sometimes, high outdoor temperatures cause your HVAC systems to strain, leading to system breakdowns. Unfortunately, many homeowners experience issues with their comfort system during the hottest months of the year, leaving you extremely uncomfortable inside your home. Be prepared for anything by reading about these common summer AC problems and their solutions. summer AC problems

The Unit Won’t Stay on

If your comfort system turns on, only to switch off, your system may be short-cycling, which could be an easy fix. If it’s caused by something like dirty condenser coils, evaporator coils, or air filters, all you need to do is a little maintenance. Turn off the outdoor system before spraying it down with the hose to remove dirt and loose debris, and clean or change your air filter. 

If this doesn’t solve the problem, you may have an electrical issue that should be looked at by a professional. Call Bunns & Bennett for HVAC services you can trust.

Frozen Unit

If your comfort system is blowing warm air, or not blowing any air at all, it could be due to frozen evaporator coils. If the air around the evaporator coils gets too cold in humid outdoor conditions, ice can form on the coils. If you suspect frozen evaporator coils turn the entire system off and open the indoor unit. You should see the coils in the air handler. If you notice any frost or ice, turn the system off for 24 hours to allow everything to thaw. Be sure not to turn the system on before a full 24 hours have passed or the system may freeze again. 

Noisy AC System

If there is more noise than usual coming from any portion of your comfort system, it’s best to call in the professionals at Bunns & Bennett. Our technicians are trained to locate the source of the problem and can usually have it fixed in the same day. A noisy comfort system could be caused by a buildup of dust & debris that’s putting unnecessary pressure on your system’s components. Loud noises could also indicate damaged outdoor equipment or refrigerant leaks. All of the scenarios are best handled by an experienced professional.

Damaged Ductwork 

If your comfort system is working hard but your home is still warm, it could be due to damaged ductwork. If there are any holes in your air ducts, the cool air your system is producing won’t fully make it into your house. This wastes energy and forces your comfort system to work overtime trying to cool your home. This unnecessary strain could lead to premature system failure or the need for costly emergency repairs. summer AC problems

Ductwork is very fragile and can be easily installed incorrectly if the technician is inexperienced or unsure of what he or she is doing. Call in the professionals at Bunns & Bennett to ensure your ductwork is installed correctly and efficiently. You’ll save money and hassle in the short run and the long run.

Low Insulation

If your home’s insulation is over 10 years old, it has likely settled and been moved around to the point where it isn’t effective anymore. Without proper insulation, your comfort system will continue struggling to cool your home. If your attic insulation is looking flat, Bunns & Bennett can help. Our technicians are happy to measure your insulation levels and give a free estimate for any insulation that is needed. 

What Next?

Keep your air conditioning system running smoothly with Bunns & Bennett. If your Madison County home is struggling to stay cool this summer, contact us at (256) 536-0967 or email us at [email protected]! Our professional technicians are experts at AC repair and installation. 

We are a trusted American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Care Dealer in Huntsville, AL. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more helpful information regarding your HVAC system. summer AC problems summer AC problems

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