What Does SEER Mean And How Is It Calculated?

Energy Efficiency

Bunn’s and Bennett Heating and Air Conditioning has been serving the Huntsville Alabama area for more than thirty years. We are a factory trained, factory certified HVAC dealer. It is our goal to be the best service provider for your home’s heating and air conditioning needs. As comfort systems become more energy efficient, the SEER rating of each system has also become more prevalent. But what exactly does SEER mean, and how is it calculated?

When comparing comfort systems for your home or place of business, SEER ratings are often compared to identify the most efficient device.

SEER is an acronym for Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratio. It is an important metric to consider because it shows how the efficiency of a comfort system will vary from one season to another.

SEER Calculation

SEER and EER ratings (Energy Efficiency Ratio) are related. The latter takes into account the efficiency of an HVAC device at a single condition. To get the SEER, the efficiency of an HVAC system is calculated using different sets of conditions. Energy efficiency ratio is calculated by dividing the power consumption, or input, of a machine by the cooling power of the machine (in BTU’s) under a certain set of conditions. To determine the SEER, the performance of the device under different outside temperatures, ranging from 65 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit is considered. The average of these energy efficiency ratios is usually the figure put on HVAC systems. The government requires manufacturers to indicate the SEER ratings on the units they manufacture. While manufacturers are not required to put the EER ratings, many units still have this rating.

Which is More Important?

Air conditioners are more of a necessity than a luxury during summer, when temperatures are uncomfortably high. This is when air conditioners give their best performance to cool down the internal temperature of a room. In such cases, the EER rating of a machine should be considered. This is because EER’s are normally calculated based on peak temperatures experienced in the country during the hot summer months. Therefore, devices that have high EER ratings are more likely to perform better during summer than those with lower EER ratings. Since SEER ratings are simply average EER ratings over different environmental conditions, they cannot inform the user about the performance of the machine when peak temperatures are experienced.

When comparing the ratings of different HVAC systems, consumers should always make sure that the EER of one device is compared to the EER of another, and not EER to SEER, or vice versa. This will help to ensure you get the most energy efficient device.

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