Four Things to Consider Regarding Pets and Your HVAC System

screen-captureLet’s face it. Pet owners treat their little (or sometimes big) furry loved ones as part of the family. A recent survey found that 62% of all U.S. households had one or more pets. Dogs and cats make up the vast majority of these pets and with that comes the inevitable battle with shedding of their fur and dander. Cleaning and vacuuming wood, carpeted or tiled surfaces and vacuuming upholstered furniture is only half of the battle. Homes with pets suffer poor indoor air quality when the proper solutions aren’t in place. Many homeowners do not realize the negative effects that pet hair and pet dander can have on the air quality inside their homes.

Listed below are four things you should consider as a homeowner to help improve the air quality inside your home if you have pets living indoors.

  1. If you have pets living inside your home, be sure to change your air filter more frequently than is recommended by the manufacturer. Homes with multiple pets inside will need to change their filter more often than a home with one pet.
  2. A filter clogged with pet hair and dander can also hurt or even damage your HVAC system. When filters get clogged, the equipment must work harder and longer to supply the home with conditioned air. This uses more energy, causing utility bills to rise. This also places the system under more stress, which can lead to premature breakdowns and system failures.
  3. Pet hair and pet dander can also affect those with allergies. With more of it lurking around the home and within the HVAC system, family members and guests who are allergic to pets may suffer increased symptoms inside your home. Pet hair and dander can also negatively impact those with other respiratory illnesses.
  4. Here are some solutions to help assist you with maintaining a cleaner air environment if you have pets living inside your home. If you are using standard air filters, consider changing to high-efficiency filters which can remove smaller dander particles. Air cleaners are another solution you might want to consider which can work with the HVAC solution to remove hair and dander from the home. If there is buildup of pet hair and dander, along with other debris in your HVAC system, HVAC system cleaning and routine maintenance are important parts of keeping your HVAC system operating normally.

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