Choosing the Right SEER Rating for your Home

Choosing the right SEER Rating for your home

Many people look to the “Energy Guide” sticker label on their a/c unit to find the SEER Rating, hoping a higher SEER rating will save them money and increase the efficiency of their system. However, the answer is a little trickier than that. Which SEER rating is most efficient can vary from home to home depending on many factors.

So, what is SEER? SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. It is the average of cooling output of an air conditioner over a cooling season divided by the energy it consumed in Watt-Hours. Think of it similarly to the mpg rating on a car.

Based on the climate where you currently live, the federal government requires a minimum SEER rating of 13 or 14; but in some places, it can go high into the 20s.

While these minimums give you guidelines for what you are looking, consider the following factors to help you choose the right SEER rating for your home:

What climate do you prefer for your home?

If you live in hot humid Alabama but like your home at 70 in the middle of summer, you will have higher energy needs and need a more efficient system.

What size is your new system?

If you have a large home with a larger HVAC system, you may consider a higher SEER rating that can help your HVAC system meet the needs of your home more efficiently.

How long do you anticipate living in your home?

While the right SEER rating for your needs may help you save money in the long run, it still comes with a large investment up front. If you don’t see yourself living in your current home long-term, you may consider simply meeting the minimum SEER requirements for your area.

What is your regional climate like?

Areas that experience extended periods of heat or cold or fluctuating weather throughout the day may have higher energy needs.

How often do you use your A/C?

Consider whether you keep your unit blowing through the summers, or if you live in a moderate climate where you barely use your system.

Bunn’s and Bennett Heating and Air in Huntsville will help you choose which system and which SEER rating is best for your home. With more than 34 years of serving the heating and cooling needs of the people of the Tennessee Valley, we will provide the right answers and solutions for your home’s comfort. Call us or email us at [email protected].

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