Five Common HVAC Problems to Watch Out For This Winter

This winter has been a cold one! And many of us have clung onto our heating systems for dear life; hoping that it will provide us with a warm embrace each time we come in from the frigid winter air.

With increased use during the winter months comes an increased need for maintenance. No one needs to be caught off guard during the winter months by a sudden breakdown of their heating system.

Keep an eye out for these common winter worries related to your HVAC system. Early detection is the key to a warm and cozy winter.

Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes are important to look out for anytime temperatures drop below freezing because ice is more likely to accumulate. During this time, pipes and coils can freeze over and stop working properly or all together! This can domino into hydronic systems such as hot water heaters and steam radiators that stop working when frozen water isn’t able to flow through the pipes—leaving you with nothing to keep you warm during freezing temperatures. It’s enough to drive any homeowner crazy. Worse yet, if you don’t catch this situation as it happens, pressure can build up in your pipes causing them to burst.

Next time your HVAC professional comes over for a preventative maintenance check, ask them to teach you how to turn your home’s water off in case broken pipes or pressure build up becomes an issue.

Uneven air flow & temperature

Uneven air flow & temperature can be a very frustrating problem during the winter. You might find that your living room is nice and toasty but your rooms are a drafty, ice box keeping you awake at night. You’re not alone.

Before assuming an HVAC issue, check for cracks or holes around windowsills in the colder rooms and use caulk to seal them. If the issue still continues, call us for a checkup of your HVAC system. It’s possible that there are cracks or leaks along your ductwork causing the poor airflow.

Dirty Heater Filters

Dirty Heater Filters are likely to happen to any home during the winter. We know as those temperatures drop, your heaters get more and more use. Overtime, the filters can get clogged with dust, dirt, and other debris that can build into a blockage and decrease the air flow coming from your system. In no time, your home is colder and you’re left wondering what’s going on.

An easy fix is to clear the area where the heater is and replace your filter. If this does not help your airflow, an HVAC professional can also help determine if an issue with the motor or fan is at play.

A broken thermostat

A broken thermostat is not something we think of when determining heating issues, but faulty wiring in your thermostat can affect the temperatures in your home. An HVAC professional can help you diagnose this issue and address any wiring issues in your thermostat. They can also calibrate your thermostat to your heater so your thermostat settings are more accurate to the actual temperature in your home.

Carbon monoxide leaks

Carbon monoxide leaks are the silent, deadly problem to watch out for this winter. The gas is odorless and tasteless, making it hard to detect without use of carbon monoxide alarms.

If there are cracks in the heat exchanger of your heater or if your heater is rusted, you are at risk of a carbon monoxide leak. Remove anything that may be blocking ventilation near your heater; poor ventilation can cause a buildup of carbon monoxide. Inspect your heat exchanger regularly for any defects.  

If you are worried any of these problems may be present in your home, call Bunn’s and Bennett today! We can help you diagnose any issues throughout your system that are keeping your HVAC system from running at tip-top shape throughout the season. Bunn’s and Bennett Heating and Air is a locally owned and family operated heating and air contractor. We’ve been serving the HVAC needs of Huntsville and The Tennessee Valley for more than 34 years.

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