It’s not the Heat, it’s the Humidity

We’ve all heard the term, “it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity”. Huntsville and North Alabama seem to experience our own level of (uncomfortable) humidity. Maybe it’s our proximity to large bodies of water or flowing rivers and streams. But the fact is, we live in an area of the country that can be almost unbearable to some of us in the summertime.

The humidity level inside your home is something you have the ability to control much better than you might have been able to manage just a few years ago. Off the shelf, dehumidifiers work in some cases but are generally limited to a very specific area of your home. If you want to control the humidity level throughout your home, you’ll need a better answer.

Ideas to Control Your Home’s Humidity

Bunn’s and Bennett Heating and Air have had as their mission for the last 34 years to make your home as comfortable as possible. Below, we offer several suggestions to reduce humidity in your home.

    • Repair any leaky pipes, dripping faucets or leaky toilets. The water they release gradually evaporates ending up as moisture in your home.
    • Repair any leaks in your roof. A leaky roof will bring excess moisture on your home.
    • Make sure your air conditioner’s drain line is not plugged. If it is, water will back up into your home.
    • Make sure your you windows, doors, appliance and exhaust vents have no air leakage. Air leaks around these openings can bring in unwanted humidity.
    • Boost your home’s ventilation. After cooking or showering, run your exhaust fans for a few minutes to get rid of built-up moisture.

The Best Solution

The very best way to control humidity in your home is to invest in a variable speed comfort system. A variable speed AccuComfort System from American Standard will not only control your home’s humidity, it will reduce your energy usage and therefore, reduce your energy bill.

A variable speed comfort system basically runs all the time. This might seem like it would result in higher energy usage and costs, however, the largest energy use from your home’s HVAC system occurs when your system continuously cuts on and off. A single stage system will turn on and off continually, and run “full blast” while it attempts to cool your home. This is called “short cycling”.

A variable speed system will run at several speeds and is continually circulating the air within your home. The result is a continuous flow of air as the system reduces humidity automatically. and you will feel more comfortable at a slightly higher temperature inside your home.

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Bunn’s and Bennett Heating and Air are committed to making your home more comfortable. If you would like more information regarding our multi-stage comfort systems, email us at [email protected] or give us a call at 256-536-0967.

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