Summer is coming.  In northern Alabama, those three words mean that it’s time to check your air conditioner because the heat that summer brings with it is brutal.  Even if you have properly maintained your AC unit before the blistering heat hits, you will still need the help of our trained air conditioning technicians at Huntsville air conditioning AL to give your unit a pre-season check-up.  If your air conditioner fails completely and must be replaced, then our air conditioning professionals can help you choose the right unit for your home. But before you allow an air conditioning contractor to sell you a new unit or repair your old one, make sure you check this list of tips for hiring the one that’s right for you:
1. Do your homework. Learn some basics of air conditioning so that you won’t be in the dark when a contractor talks about SEER, BTUs, split-system air conditioners or any other AC terminology.  And find out about licensing and insurance requirements for contractors in your state.
2. Get referrals.  Ask friends, family or neighbors about their air conditioning contractors.  Check online for reviews of AC contractors.
3.  Get references.  Ask potential contractors for a list of customer references and call them.  Ask about the contractor’s performance and whether or not they completed the job on time and within the budget.
4.  Find specials or discounts.  Air conditioning units are expensive.  Try to keep your costs down by locating a contractor who offers discounts and who can tell you about rebates available for purchasing energy-efficient cooling equipment.
5.  Look for Energy Star equipment.  These products meet strict, government guidelines and offer long-term energy savings.
6.  Expect a home inspection.  If you are buying a new unit, our experts atHuntsville air conditioning AL will come to your home to inspect your current system and to assess your homes needs.
7.  Ask for written, itemized estimates.  If you have estimates from all your contractors on paper, it will be easier to compare them to make sure you are making the right decision.
8.  Sign a written proposal.  Before work even starts, make sure you sign a proposal with the contractor that specifies costs, model numbers, job schedule and warranty information so that you are protected.

When you call us for your Huntsville air conditioning AL needs, you can be sure that we will meet or exceed all the criteria you have for an air conditioning contractor in the Huntsville/Madison area.  Whether your unit needs a check-up, a major repair or replacement, we have all the tools and knowledge necessary to complete the job to your satisfaction.  To stay cool, call us at 256-536-0967, or visit our website

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