How Often Should You Have Your HVAC System Serviced?

Preventive maintenance on your home’s heating and cooling system is easy to overlook simply because it’s easy to take a well-running system for granted. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy to ignore a failing furnace in the freezing temperatures of winter. You’re more likely to avoid a major breakdown if you’re vigilant about regular service being performed on your home’s HVAC system. How often should you schedule routine maintenance on your home’s comfort system? Here are some factors to consider to help you decide.

General Rule of Thumb

The easy answer to the frequency question is: at least yearly. Your heating and cooling system will benefit the most from a thorough inspection and tune-up every spring, before the peak season hits and every fall before cold weather sets in. Spring is a good time of year not only because it’s right before you need to use your air conditioning system, but it’s also because it’s had all winter to collect dirt and debris. Servicing your system in the fall will make sure your furnace will work as it should when that first cold snap hits. If you’re skeptical about the need for a yearly AC inspection and tune-up, here are some other things to think about.

Money Savings

The cost for a regular inspection may seem like a lot of money if your system has shown no evidence of problems. However, ignoring preventive measures drastically increases the likelihood that your HVAC system will either run less efficiently or suffer a breakdown. This means you’ll be spending money on higher utility bills or hefty repair prices, especially since the repairs will likely be needed when HVAC companies are busiest. You’re better off paying a small amount now to ensure your system works well throughout the year.

Additional Benefits

Besides saving money on your monthly utility bills and on repair costs, there are other benefits of regular HVAC service to think about. A more efficient heating and air system not only means you’ll be saving money on your energy bill, but it also means that you’ll enjoy greater comfort in your home. It’ll be easier for your home to remain at a consistent, comfortable temperature when your system is running at peak performance. You can also extend the lifespan of your system with regular maintenance because small repairs are detected early before they become a major problem. Newer HVAC systems can easily wear out in as little as 10 years when not cared for properly. But, even older systems can last 20 years or more with good care.

At-Home Care

Along with regular professional maintenance, you can help your HVAC system last longer by doing a few things at home. Keep the outdoor unit clear of debris, tree limbs, weeds, and dirt. You should also watch for water leaks or any indications of a problem such as higher utility bills, uneven temperatures, or strange noises. Be sure to replace the air filters monthly to reduce the load on your AC. This can help your AC run more smoothly between servicing.

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