Common Winter HVAC Problems

The last thing you want during the cold winter months is for your heating system to stop working. Unfortunately, because of inclement, winter weather, this is also the time of year when most people experience HVAC issues. Most common issues can be prevented with a regular HVAC maintenance plan. However, problems can still arise. Here are a few of the most common heating system problems that you may experience this winter and how you can manage them.

Restricted Airflow

If one room in your home is significantly colder than the others or your notice that the airflow is not as strong as it should be, you may be dealing with an airflow restriction problem. Check to see if the vents of your AC are blocked by furniture or other objects. If this does not fix the problem, ensure that all ductwork is functional and connected to air supply vents. Restricted airflow can also be caused by obstructed vents, blocked fans, dirty air ducts, or issues with the furnace motor or filter.

Loss of Heat

Low temperatures can damage your heat pump, causing the heat set on your thermometer to fluctuate. The result is a house that will simply not warm up, no matter how high you set the temperature. For outdoor heat pumps, wipe off any frost. Heat loss can also be a sign of a compressor issue, broken pilot light, or a duct leak.

Dirty Air Filters

This is one of the most common HVAC problems that homeowners experience. Dirty air filters restrict airflow and require your HVAC system to work harder to heat and cool your home. This can also raise your monthly electric bills and decrease the lifespan of your system. Check your air filters once a month and replace them if they appear dirty.


Your thermostat is an important tool in your home, not only to keep you warm but to keep your heating system going as well. If you notice that your furnace isn’t working, you might be dealing with a broken thermostat. To deal with this issue, you should try turning your thermostat on and off, make sure the battery is working, and clear the device of dust and other debris. If it’s still not working, you may need a new thermostat, or your furnace needs to be checked by a certified HVAC technician. If you have a gas furnace, the most common problem is a pilot light going out. However, you should consult a professional AC service to help you get it back up and running.

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