humidity in your home

Control Humidity in Your Home

Humidity in Your Home

High humidity levels coupled with high temperatures is what we all expect from a summer in North Alabama. The last thing you need is to feel this discomfort inside your home. A hot and humid home is extremely uncomfortable, and your energy bills can skyrocket due to an underperforming HVAC system. At Bunn’s & Bennett, we offer high efficiency comfort systems that offer precise temperature and humidity control for humidity in your home.

Effects of Humidity in Your Home

You may notice condensation on windows, periodic mold growth, humid or clammy rooms, and frequent allergy attacks. Why? Because the weather is getting warmer outside, and adjusting your thermostat to a lower temperature while the humidity levels in your home are too high creates uncomfortable air inside your home. If your system isn’t operating efficiently and the air in your home is too warm, humidity levels will rise. In turn, your home will feel hotter and more uncomfortable.

What Our Systems Do

Technology in newer air conditioning systems allows you to monitor humidity levels in every room of your home. Humidity plays a key role in your home’s overall comfort. High humidity levels make normally comfortable temperatures in the low 70s feel uncomfortably hot and sticky. If humidity, as well as temperature, are controlled by your comfort system, you can rest assured the air in your home will always be cool and comfortable. By maintaining a humidity level around 40-50%, your thermostat can be set to a higher temperature during the summer, saving money on your utility bills each month.

We proudly offer American Standard comfort systems because they are some of the best systems on the market for maintaining home comfort year round. These systems run efficiently enough to save you noticeable amounts on your energy bills each month. On top of that, they run quietly and are offered at a great value with financing options available

These high-efficiency systems control home comfort more accurately by maintaining appropriate humidity and temperature levels all day. This means no more temperature swings or underperforming air conditioning systems. Without using so much energy to constantly start and stop, these systems save you money each month and keep you more comfortable. They also ensure clean, conditioned air flows constantly through your home. This creates less opportunity for stagnant air which could result in mold growth or condensation around your windows. Your home and your family will experience maximum comfort at all times with our American Standard Heating and Air Conditioning systems. 

Learn More

Our professional staff can recommend additional tips for controlling moisture levels in your home when humidity levels are particularly high. We can answer any questions you might have and make recommendations as to which system will work better for your home or business.

To view the air conditioners we offer in the Huntsville, AL area, visit our Air Conditioners page on our website. You may also call us at 256-536-0967 or email us at [email protected].   Humidity in your home.

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