Air Purification Systems: Clean the Air in Your Home

Air Purification Systems 

The accumulation of pet dander, airborne allergy pollutants, and dust is a major problem in households today. With these elements posing a risk to your health, it’s important to know how to keep them under control. Have you found dust settling around your home, pieces of fur lying about the house, or traces of pollen on your floors and furniture? Well then, it’s time you invest in an air purification system. 

Air purification systems are the most effective way to remove airborne dust, allergy pollutants and pet dander from the place you should be most safe: your home. Nowadays, homes are better insulated, creating a tightly sealed environment to keep you most comfortable inside. However, this means that pollutants also get trapped inside, and these indoor pollutants can be five times less healthy than what’s outside. 

Air purification systems can provide a solution to this problem and many more: less maintenance on your equipment, less energy and time spent cleaning, and lower energy costs over time.

At Bunn’s & Bennett, we offer many ways to clean and freshen the air inside your home using top of the line, in-home air quality products. 

AccuComfort Systems:

We highly recommend our AccuComfort Systems because of their functionality and reliability. Below are some details about these systems for your reference:

    • 99.98% Cleaner air, and so much more
    • Clean Air: Removes up to 99.98% of allergens down to .1 micron from the filtered air throughout your home. So you get cleaner air, and more of it.
    • Reliability: Built and rigorously tested to outperform other models, AccuClean provides your entire home with clean air day after day, year after year.
    • Efficiency: Offers the cleanest filtered air available, with efficient operation that doesn’t hinder airflow.
    • Total Comfort: Cleans the filtered air throughout your entire home for total, clean air comfort, unlike some systems that only clean air within a small circumference.
    • Less Dust: AccuClean can reduce your need to dust by up to 50%.
    • Quiet Operation: Engineered to run silently, with none of the disruptive buzzing that electronic air cleaners bring. So your indoor environment remains as peaceful as it is comfortable.


Learn More

To learn more about AccuComfort systems, please view our Efficiency & Air Quality page.

Bunn’s & Bennett is a trusted American Standard HVAC dealer in Huntsville, AL. Our professional staff can answer any questions you might have, and make recommendations as to which system will work better for your individual situation.

You may also call us at 256-536-0967 or email us at [email protected].

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