Things to Research Before Buying A New AC System for Your Home

AC SystemIt’s no too often that you have to replace your home’s heating and cooling system. When the time comes though, it’s not a decision you want to make without being well informed. Ideally, the comfort system you buy today should last you for the next ten or more years.

What should you be researching before you buy? Having a world of research available to you via the internet can and should be your source for information. Here are a few items to check out before you make the decision of investing in your home’s next comfort system. This list of items will assist you in getting the best system for your money, and making the wisest investment.

First things first:

start with your HVAC contractor. Installing a great system should always start with who you decide to do business with. The quality of a great system always starts with a quality installation. Take a look at customer reviews, length of time in business, etc. You want to make sure that if you ever have an issue, the contractor you’re dealing with will still be around to take care of your system. The contractor you choose should be insured, licensed, and employ factory trained installers and technicians.

Be sure you understand what will affect the price. After you receive a few quotes, you might experience sticker shock. It is important to understand what affects the price you will be paying. A professional HVAC contractor may have slightly higher prices which helps them pay for professional training, licenses and certifications. With today’s higher efficiency ratings on comforts systems, your return on investment will be in the form of lower utility bills, sometimes as much as 50% lower, depending on the efficiency of the system you purchase. It’s worth paying a bit more to insure your system is installed properly and to the manufacturer’s recommended standards. It is way more expensive to have to replace an improperly installed system.

Should you install an air conditioner or heat pump?

There are many different systems to choose from. The type of system you will need will depend on the type of home you have and the specific needs of your home such as square footage, one or more stories, etc.  Do you need an air conditioner or heat pump? A heat pump or gas furnace? Packaged or split? The list goes on and on. A qualified HVAC contractor will take a look at the system you have now and make a recommendation based on your specific needs.

Don’t ever be afraid to ask questions. The more you learn, the better decision you will be able to make. Bunn’s & Bennett is available to answer any questions you may have.

Bunn’s and Bennett Heating and Air Conditioning has been serving the Tennessee Valley and North Alabama for more than 32 years. Our professional technicians and installers are factory trained and factory certified. Call us today at 256-536-0967, or email us at [email protected].

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