The Five Most Common Heating/ Furnace Problems

Horizontal photo of female hand opening up heater floor vent with Red Oak Floors in backgroundIt’s happened to all of us: you’re sitting at home relaxing, when you start to notice your house isn’t as warm as it was a few hours ago. All sorts of things run through your mind like, “Did we pay the gas bill?”, or “Is our heating system is working right?”

Here are five of the most common heating/furnace problems you could be having in your home that could cause you to notice a change in how well your system heats.


  1. Lack of Maintenance – Neglecting to get your system checked out before the cold weather arrives can result in both an increase in energy bills and unexpected breakdowns of your system. Routine maintenance checks are necessary to keep your heating systems of up to par. So get your system checked out and to avoid potential problems in the future, check out Bunn’s and Bennett-maintenance programs.
  2. Thermostat Malfunction – If you happen to notice the heat in your house doesn’t seem to be making a difference no matter how high or low you may set the temperature on the thermostat, it’s not that you’re imagining things, it may be your thermostat malfunctioning. But, don’t worry, getting your thermostat fixed is a relatively easy and inexpensive process compared to other heating problems.
  3. Air Flow – Air flow problems can be caused by several different issues such as your system’s fan motor and bearings and belts being worn out. The wear and tear on these parts can cause poor heating in your home and even cause your furnace to overheat.
  4. Dirty or Clogged Filters – During the winter season, filters should be cleaned or changed monthly. Dirty filters can affect the airflow throughout your house, which will make your system work harder and wear out much faster.
  5. Pilot/Ignition Control Problems – Today’s systems contain one of two types of ignition systems: a hot surface ignition or intermittent pilot. Either one of these could be malfunctioning causing intermittent or no heat at all in your home.

Bunn’s & Bennett Heating & Air Conditioning

Of course, Bunn’s and Bennett Heating and Air Conditioning is always here to help you with any heater/ furnace problems you may encounter. Feel free to call us at 256-539-0967, or email us at [email protected].

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