Summer Tip: Mowing Near Your AC Unit

MowingBe Careful Mowing Near Your HVAC Unit!

It might seem like mowing your lawn and efficient air conditioner performance would have nothing to do with one another. However, if your air conditioning unit sits close to a grassy or dusty area, some precautions should be followed to insure the continued proper performance of your unit.

When mowing your lawn, make sure the mower is turned so it does not blow dirt and grass into the HVAC outside unit. When the refrigerant coil on the outdoor condenser gets caked/clogged with grass and dirt, it prevents air from moving through the coil and causes the system to overheat, which can damage the system. This, at the very least, causes a drop in energy efficiency.

Using a weed eater or trimmer in close proximity to your AC unit can also cause grass and debris to accumulate inside the unit.

If either occurs, be sure to clean the unit regularly with water using a garden hose. Make sure your unit is not running, then you can simply spray the inside of the unit through enclosed fan vent on top of your unit. Keeping grass, dirt and other debris from inside your AC unit will insure that your system runs at optimum efficiency.

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