make the most of spring break with your kids

How to Make The Most Of Spring Break With Your Kids

How to Make The Most Of Spring Break With Your Kids

Many kids eagerly look forward to spring break only to end up battling boredom the whole week. Take charge and make the most of spring break with your kids! There are countless fun activities you can do with your kids to keep them busy and entertained in a safe and healthy manner from planting flowers, making a homemade bird feeder, and riding bikes, to going kayaking, making spring crafts, and exploring the woods!

Plant Flowers

Planting flowers is a great way to keep your kids busy, and get some helping hands in your garden! Rally your kids together to help plant flowers in your yard, the garden, or some window boxes. Kids love getting their hands dirty and helping to spread out the new soil in your flower beds. Have them dig holes and help decide where to plant each flower. If you haven’t purchased your flowers yet, bring your kids to the plant nursery to help pick out flowers they like, too! This is a great activity that your kids can continue keeping up with throughout the spring and summer. It’s also a great opportunity to begin taking on valuable life skills like how to take care of things. 

Homemade Bird Feeder

We love crafts, especially a DIY bird feeder. Traditional bird feeders can feel a little daunting with all of the woodwork involved; thankfully, this bird feeder craft cuts all of that out! All you need is bird seed, cookie cutters, gelatin, and some string to tie it up with. The mixture is simple to make and a great craft for the kids. They love picking out which cookie cutter shapes to use for the feeders! Keep an eye out after you hang them up to spot some cute birds having a snack. Take this opportunity to teach your children about different types of local birds.

Enjoy The Great Outdoors

As the weather warms up outside, there are countless outdoor activities for you and your kids to take advantage of. Getting outdoors increases your family’s vitamin D intake, grows imaginations and appreciation for nature, and promotes a healthier life.

Ride Bikes

A family bike ride is a great way to get some energy out! There are many parks and bike paths available in Huntsville and the surrounding areas. Even simply biking around the neighborhood can entertain your kids for hours. Consider pulling out chalk and drawing a biking “course” around your driveway and down the street. Kids love steering around the turns and seeing who can complete the course the best.


So many kids love getting out on the water. Research local kayak or canoe rental facilities and head out for the day. Your kids will have fun spending an afternoon on the water and spotting all of the wildlife in the area. Don’t forget to bring fishing poles for an even better way to pass the time. If it’s warm enough, bring a tube, or wear your swimsuit and just jump right in! Spending time in the sun and the water will really make it feel like spring break.

Explore The Woods

The woods alone have so much to offer. Take your kids hiking to a local nature trail, or simply explore your own backyard. As you wander around, point out unique leaves,  cool wildlife, and memorable landmarks like waterfalls or giant trees. If there are geocaching opportunities in your area, start the search for one! It’s a great scavenger hunt for the kids and the adults. 

Flower Pressing

As you set off on your outdoor adventures, be sure to collect some flowers along the way. Bring these flowers home to press them and create art. Have your kids pick out heavy books to press the flowers inside of while lining the pages with parchment paper for easy removal. Very soon, you will have beautiful pressed flowers for your kids to create their own art out of. 

Keep Indoor Comfort In Mind

As you plan your spring break adventures, don’t forget about the comfort of your home. After long days outdoors, you want to return to a comfortable home. If your HVAC system is struggling to meet your needs, give Bunns & Bennett a call at (256) 536-0967, or email us at [email protected]. Nothing is worse than a broken or inefficient AC system in the hot weather. 

We proudly offer fast, friendly, professional HVAC service. We’re ready to help when you need us! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more helpful information regarding your HVAC system.

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