Why Does It Seem Like My AC Unit Runs All the Time?

american-standard-air-conditioners-604x270Why Does It Seem Like My AC Unit Runs All the Time?

Hot weather is here, and has been for a while. Your home’s AC system is functioning at a vigorous pace and seemingly running nonstop. Sometimes that’s normal, sometimes it’s not. Keeping your AC on on all the time helps keep you comfortable, but it can also become expensive.

There are numerous reasons why your AC system may be running nonstop throughout the summer. We’ve listed some of the reasons which might indicate a problem with your system while others may alert you to different issues in your home that you can take steps to correct.

1) Is Your AC Unit the Correct Size for Your Home?

Fact: a properly sized, energy-efficient central air conditioning system will run fairly continuously in the summer to maintain a constant, desired temperature in your home. These systems operate at their highest efficiency level when allowed to do their job without interruption.

Unit Too Small: If your central air conditioner is too small, it will have to work harder to cool your home. Over time, this will increase the wear and tear on your unit and reduce its life expectancy. You may never achieve the desired coolness in your home, even though the system seems to run all the time. If your system is too small, breakdowns will also be likely.

Unit Too Large: If your system is too large, it won’t effectively remove moisture from the air in your home, resulting in an output of moist, clammy air. It will actually have shorter run times than it should and use excessive amounts of electricity, resulting in higher utility bills.

Wrong Duct Size: The size of your ductwork should be relative to the size of your air conditioning unit.  If your ducts are the wrong size, they may not be able to handle the airflow or distribute cool air efficiently to all parts of the home.

2) Your thermostat Is Not Working Properly

If your system seems to never shut off, there may be an issue with your thermostat. It may be that your home has reached the correct temperature, but the thermostat is not registering the conditions inside your home. In this case, your A/C unit will continue running. One way to check the thermostat is to place another thermometer near the location of the thermostat. After an hour or two, check the reading. If you encounter two different readings, there may be a problem with your thermostat.

3) Air Leaks Or Poor Insulation

Poor sealing around windows and doors, or insufficient insulation in your attic and other areas are other common culprits which can cause your unit to run constantly and inefficiently. If your home is not closed up tight while your A/C system is in use, you may be losing cool air through small holes or non-insulated walls or roof. If you are losing the cool air in this way, your home may never reach your desired temperature, causing the AC unit to run more than needed.

4) Unit Needs Maintenance

Air conditioning units need regular maintenance to continue running smoothly, much like other appliances in your home. Ideally, maintenance should happen twice a year, in the spring before the warm weather hits and in the early fall after things have cooled off and it is no longer in use. If your system is not clean, including your ducts, coils and air filter, you will likely encounter airflow problems and inefficient cycling.

A professional technician from Bunn’s & Bennett Heating and Air Conditioning can check to make sure everything is clean and lubricated. He can replace worn parts and confirm that the thermostat is working properly. Regular maintenance of your AC unit will not only help ensure that your system is in good working order but it will also extend the life of your cooling system.

5) Your System Needs To Be Replaced

All major appliances, including air conditioners, have a certain life span. Even if your system has been properly maintained, it will eventually wear out. When this happens, you may want to consider replacing your old, inefficient unit with a new one. This will save you money in the long run, because newer systems run much more efficiently than old systems.

Address Issues Before They Become Problems

Any of the above reasons can cause your air conditioner to seem like it’s running all the time. To be certain of the cause, it is best to contact a certified professional such as the ones at Bunn’s and Bennett Heating and Air Conditioning.

Bunn’s & Bennett’s Heating and Air Conditioning has been serving Huntsville and the Tennessee Valley for more than 32 years. We are fully licensed and insured, and will be happy to answer any questions you may have about your home’s HVAC system. Call us today at 256-536-0967, or email us at [email protected].

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