Now is the Time to Get a Huntsville Air Conditioning and Heating Check-up Before Winter

As a leading Huntsville air conditioning and heating company, we see a lot of things during our service calls. One problem that that we would like to see less of is damage to heating and air units due to neglect. Like anything mechanical, your home’s climate control units need regular check-ups to run correctly.

Modern comfort systems are big investments that will normally last well over a decade with proper care. That’s why we’re proud to offer our customers our spring/fall preventative maintenance program. By taking advantage of this service, you can extend the life of your air conditioner and furnace.

Here are just a few of the services our twice-yearly Huntsville air conditioning and heating check includes. The full list of maintenance services is available here.

  • Repairing loose, dirty, or corroded electrical connections

  • Inspecting all electric controls

  • Checking the air filters

  • Checking freon levels (extra charge for adding additional freon if needed)

  • Inspecting and, if needed, lubricating fan motors

  • Checking the condenser coil (additional charge for cleaning if needed)

  • Checking the blower assembly and cleaning debris from it if needed

  • Inspecting fan belts for damage or wear

  • Checking thermostat for proper function

  • Checking for proper cycling

  • Checking for correct air flow

  • Checking amperage levels while system is running

What Happens If We Find Something Wrong?

If we detect a problem within the system, we’ll tell you plainly what is wrong and what it will take to fix it. This will include a free estimate. We will only complete the work if you authorize it.  You will receive a discount off of our normal rates due to being one of our preventative maintenance customers, and you will never be subjected to misinformation or to high-pressure sales tactics. As a long-established Huntsville air conditioning and heating company, we value our customers as well as our reputation.

Farmer’s Almanac Predicts Long, Cold Winter Ahead for Huntsville Area

The Old Farmer’s Almanac has been a trusted source for long-term weather forecasts since 1792, making it almost as old as our country itself. The almanac is predicting an unusually cold winter for 2013-14. You don’t want to wait for your heat to go down before you call us! Sign up for our preventative maintenance program and you’ll enjoy both savings and peace of mind. Call us today for a warmer, more comfortable tomorrow.

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