HVAC Problems You Shouldn’t Try to Fix Yourself

Most HVAC unit issues require expert help. Madison County homeowners would be wise to leave their HVAC problems to a professional technician. Trying to resolve HVAC unit problems on your own can often lead to even more problems down the road. You’ve invested a lot of money into your HVAC system, and you rely on it to provide heating all winter long. If you notice any of these issues, you’ll need to call in an HVAC pro for help.

Advice for Tackling Tough HVAC Problems

HVAC unit issues may include:

  • Poor airflow. Not enough airflow can lead to a very uncomfortable home. The problem might stem from a number of problems. You can first check that someone hasn’t closed the ductwork dampers and inspect the filter. A dirty filter can hinder airflow. Otherwise, you’ll need a pro to help with a faulty blower motor, frozen coil, dirt coil or improperly sized ductwork.
  • Air is cold. If an HVAC unit emits cold air in heating mode, the source could be serious, such as a bad reversing valve, a failed compressor or low refrigerant levels. Before you call for help, check that there isn’t any snow or ice on the outdoor unit, or that the outdoor coil hasn’t iced up (both scenarios can happen when the weather is unseasonably cold).
  • Refrigerant leaks. This is a challenging problem for a novice to diagnose. When refrigerants leak, you may hear a hissing noise from the outdoor refrigerant lines. Sometimes, a dip in system efficiency can result from low refrigerant levels. Refrigerant is hazardous to your health and the environment. Only certified professionals should handle the material.
  • A fuse has blown. Another tricky problem reserved for the experts: if a fuse blows on your system, it could be due to a bad capacitor on the compressor or a condenser motor that has a leaky capacitor. The problem could also originate at the fuse box. It’s best to have an expert HVAC technician with experience diagnosing complicated electrical problems look at the system.
  • A clogged filter. Leave a filter in the HVAC system for too long, and it will eventually become so thick with dirt that it will restrict airflow to the HVAC system. Left unchecked, a dirty filter can cause the entire system to freeze up, and it could mean you’d face a very costly fix. The best thing you can do to avoid a problem involves changing the filter every three months or so.

If you’re having HVAC issues, call Bunn’s and Bennett Heating and Air Conditioning for expert advice, evaluation and diagnosis.

We offer customers annual maintenance plans to help keep HVAC systems in the best shape possible and avoid problems like these. The best way to avoid common HVAC problems like these is to have routine maintenance performed every year. The service includes a comprehensive check of the system to identify problems early on, but your service technician will also conduct an in-depth cleaning of all the system’s components to ensure it is in the best condition possible and will run efficiently.

Bunn’s and Bennett is a heating and air conditioning contractor and has served Huntsville and the Tennessee Valley for more than 32 years. We are factory trained, insured, licensed and bonded.

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