How to Stay Cool When Your AC Suddenly Breaks Down

How do you stay cool when your AC suddenly breaks down? Have you ever had to deal with this scenario?

It’s the middle of the summer and you are protected from the heat thanks to your smoothly functioning AC, but suddenly your AC breaks down without any warning and you begin to wonder “How will I keep my home and myself cool now?”

The solution here is to not rush into panic mode. Give yourself time to think. The first thing you have to do is call your AC repairman. Next, follow the below steps to stay cool when your AC suddenly breaks down…

1. Open and close windows:

If your AC breaks down and is going to take time to get fixed make sure yourwindows are tightly closed during the day. At night you can open them. The cool wind blowing in will keep it cool and help in the circulation of air. If your AC breaks down at night keep the windows closed until the coolness already set in place by your AC dies out and then open the windows.

Repeating these steps during the day and night should help you keep your house cool.

Note: When you close the windows during the day keep the light out by spreading your shades too as this can keep out more heat.

2. Use a mini portable AC unit:

A mini portable AC unit can come in handy at these hard times. So make sure you have one or few to cool down the most important rooms. They might not do as good a job as your main AC unit but they should help you until it gets repaired. Just make sure you take precautions while storing it so that it lasts a long time.

3. Avoid spicy food and load up on chilled drinks:

Spicy food can increase body temperature. Therefore it would be wise to avoid it until your AC unit is fixed. Instead drink super chilled water, ice tea, fruit juice and any other beverages you like consuming on a daily basis.

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This should help you feel cooler not only from the inside, but also from the outside.

4. Turn on the fans:

If you have installed ceiling fans or portable fans get them out and turn them on full speed. Fans can not only send a constant stream of cooling air towards you, but will also help in the circulation of air.

Following these steps should help you stay cool and comfortable when your AC suddenly breaks down.

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