How to Burn a Hole in Your Bunns, not Your Wallet, This Winter

How to Burn a Hole in Your Bunns, not Your Wallet, This Winter

Save money and avoid burning a hole in your wallet with Bunn's & Bennett this winter.The holiday shopping season is fast approaching, and it’s entirely likely that many of you have already covered the brunt of your list this past Friday (Black Friday).

Regardless of your circumstances, you’re probably not looking forward to spending any extra earnings on your power and/or gas bill this December.

That’s precisely why we’ve compiled a short list of manageable ways to keep costs low, so you can toast your buns without burning a hole in your wallet.


The tips we’re going to explore include:

• Upgrade your current thermostat.
• Be sure to lock all doors and windows.
• Move furniture away from your registers.
• Take advantage of natural heating sources.
• Plug up any holes and replace weather-stripping.

What are we waiting for? Let’s take a crack at these 5 solutions for saving money this winter:

1. Upgrade your current thermostat.

One of the top most effective and efficient ways to save money in the coming colder months is to take your thermostat to the next level. No, not raising the temperature to the next level: installing a newer, programmable thermostat, one that automatically lowers the temperature by a few degrees when no one is home.

Once upon a time, this kind of modification might have cost a pretty penny, but these days, you can easily find programmable thermostats that go for as little as $25. Over time, that small investment could save you a bundle, so it’s definitely worth the initial investment.

2. Be sure to lock all doors and windows.

As the temperatures start to drop, it’s always a good idea to do a once-through inspection of your house to make sure that all of the windows are not only closed, they’re also locked tight.

It may seem like a minor difference, but trust us when we say that that small change can have a major impact on your heating and energy bills. Sealing up your doors and windows as tightly as possible ensures that the heating you pump into your rooms stays in those rooms.

3. Move furniture away from your registers.

The Feng Shui (“fung shway”) of your living room is extremely important; the room has to flow in a certain manner to inspire peace and calm . . . but it shouldn’t do so at the expense of your energy bill.

Try moving your furniture around slightly to give your registers enough breathing room to conduct their business.

4. Take advantage of natural heating sources.

When it comes to cutting costs this winter, one of the most back-to-basics ways to heat your house is hovering right above you. That’s right: it’s the sun.

In order to pinch a few pennies, you can open up your blinds and tie up your curtains to let the light shine in and keep your house as cozy and bright as possible during the day. With proper insulation, your house should be able to retain that heat for a few hours after the sun has set.

5. Plug up any holes and replace your weather-stripping.

Last, but certainly not least, try plugging up any and all holes in and around your house. One of the most common issues with heating a house in the winter (especially an older house) is the energy that escapes through minute cracks in the walls and floorboards.

Yet another quick fix for this kind of issue is to update your weather-stripping. The lining around your doors and windows has likely been there for several years, if not longer, and chances are, it’s long overdue for replacing. It may seem like an inconsequential step, but it’s a fantastic way to save a significant amount on your bills.

Hopefully, you’ve picked up a useful tip or two from this article. If you’re interested in ways to keep your home warm without negatively impacting global warming, check out our article: How to Keep Your Home Warm Without Harming the Environment.

Bunn’s and Bennett Heating and Air Conditioning’s goal is for our customers to have total comfort. We’ve been a licensed and insured HVAC dealer serving Huntsville and the Tennessee Valley area for more than 30 years. If you have questions, we have answers. Email us at [email protected] or call us at 256-536-0967.

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