How A Pet Can Impact Your Home’s HVAC System

How A Pet Can Impact Your Home’s HVAC System

Pets are the best! From potty training to messes made when you were not home, we all come to love our new addition to the family. However, it’s important to consider how your pet is affecting your home, specifically your home’s utilities.

Keep pets well groomed.

If your pet has long, fabulous hair, then you know that their hair is likely all around your home. Keeping on top of shedding is not only good for the pet, your clothes and furniture, but also will give your AC unit a break. Pets that are more likely to shed equate in more filter changes for your AC.

Monitor chewing and clawing habits.

Cats are often found exploring the insulation and ductwork found in basements and crawl spaces. They enjoy using their claws to tear and rip through it. This can cause condensation to drip from the ductwork. Keep your cat happy by purchasing some unproblematic toys and save on repair costs by avoiding these issues!

Outdoor units are prime picking for puppies. During their chewing stage, not only will puppies eat through the black insulation on the copper line, but also the wiring itself that connects to the unit. This is not only just a  hazard to your pet, but it also can cause damage to your outdoor HVAC unit.

The outdoor unit is not a toilet!

Dogs, especially large male dogs have been notorious for choosing your outdoor HVAC system as their own personal toilet. This can greatly decrease the longevity and life of your unit. The best solution is to create a barrier such as a fence to surround and protect the unit.

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